Oti-O Records

6th June 2021

Evocative debut album from respected and versatile London jazz saxophonist

‘Song Unsung’ is Andrew Woolf’s first release as bandleader and composer. Known for his work
across a diverse spectrum of music – including jazz (The Button Band, London Vocal Project),
Brazilian choro (Alvorada), experimental (Madwort Saxophone Quartet) and Afrobeat (Afrik
Bawantu) – Woolf brings together his varied influences into a cohesive and personal musical

Subtle African and Brazilian derived grooves sit alongside ethereal and atmospheric free
abstractions, whilst other compositions present soulful melodies which belie their odd-meter
undercurrents – all drawn together by an emphasis on direct, melodic expression, and heartfelt
sincerity of emotion throughout.

Woolf’s warm and lyrical tenor saxophone is joined by Joe Auckland (trumpet), Rob Updegraff
(guitar), Dave Manington (double bass) and Simon Roth (drums). The contrasting voices of these
impressive musicians complement each other beautifully, bringing an intimate quality to their
improvisations and playful interactions.

‘Song Unsung’ releases on June 25th on Oti-O Records, and is available on Bandcamp.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, please contact Andrew directly at