Brazil, Gabriela Kozyra

Gabriela Kozyra album presentation

A gig I’m really looking forward to this week – I’ll have the pleasure of playing with Gabriela Kozyra as she presents music from her album, Noites Brasileiras, for the first time in London. Gabi is a fantastic singer and interpreter of Brazilian songs. She made this recording last year in Rio de Janeiro, with a concept of recording only inéditas (unpublished songs), old and new. The album features enchanting compositions, exquisite arrangements and great playing by some of the finest musicians in Rio – many of whom I know personally, including Rui Alvim, João Camerero, Anna Paes, Pedro Paes, Bidu Campeche, and others.

For the show this Wednesday 28th August at 606 Club, Gabi will perform the music from the album alongside other beautiful and lesser known songs, in a formation with myself, Joseph Costi piano and Andres Ticino on percussion. (I’m also really happy I get to play with these two brilliant musicians as well!)

Tickets and info here:



Showstopper at Edinburgh Fringe

I’m just heading off to Edinburgh for a run of shows with Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. Always an absolute delight to get to play with this group of incredibly skilled, ingenious and joyful group of people. This is their twelfth consecutive year at the Fringe, and my third. I’m playing daily from July 31st to August 9th (the show itself continues up until August 26th).


Haringey Young Musicians

South Africa with Haringey Young Musicians

I’ve just returned from an inspiring and unforgettable ten days in South Africa with Haringey Music Service, whose senior jazz ensemble I am privileged to direct (having been a member myself in my teens). We took 55 young music students to visit Durban and nearby areas, playing several concerts and experiencing a huge range of the variety of South African culture and society. Highlights included workshops in township schools, and our final night at the very moving and uplifting memorial concert of the wonderful Brian Thusi, at which we were invited to perform. I had met Brian – a special figure in South African jazz and music education – almost twenty years ago as a student when he came to London, and he had a huge impact on me at the time. Sadly Brian passed away last year, before we had the chance to meet him again on this return trip. The trip overall though was a wonderful experience which I will be reflecting on for a long time.