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Alvorada 5th birthday gig

Amazingly, it’s been five years since we formed Alvorada. Time has flown! In that time, we’ve played numerous great gigs, released an album, won awards, played on the radio, travelled, and made many wonderful friends along the way.

We’re celebrating with a special anniversary gig on Wednesday 15th September at The Pheasantry in Chelsea. Hope you can join us for what should be a great occasion!

Tickets available here:

Andrew Woolf Band

Song Unsung video

Released today is this new video single for the title track of my album, ‘Song Unsung‘.

It was created by by film, animation and motion design artist Henry Edmonds, aka Odourless Aunt, who I commissioned earlier this year. I had some initial ideas for a video to go with this track, which Henry took on and developed into this amazing visual piece.

Big screen and headphones/speakers recommended for the full immersive experience! (Much better than watching on a phone…)


Live gigs with Alvorada

It’s been great to get back on stage recently with Alvorada – our first gigs in months!

We played at Magpie’s Nest Festival, run by Nest Collective, on a beautiful day in early June. Then last night, we returned to a newly re-fitted Harrison Pub, for a joyful evening with a delightfully energetic audience.

Our next gigs coming up are at Peggy’s Skylight in Nottingham on July 16th, and Walthamstow’s Fellowship Square on July 25th.



My new album, ‘Song Unsung’ is released today on Oti-O Records!

It’s available on streaming, digital download and CD at:

The album features my own compositions (plus one arrangement of a contemporary Brazilian song). I play tenor sax throughout, alongside the wonderful Joe Auckland (trumpet), Rob Updegraff (guitar), Dave Manington (double bass) and Simon Roth (drums).

The beautiful design for the album was created by Max Franosch. I’m delighted with how it came out looking, and think the expressive imagery is perfectly in keeping with the music.


Thank you Crowdfunder supporters!

I was really touched by all the contributions and messages from everyone who supported the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Song Unsung’.

The campaign was a success, raising £2525 towards the costs of the album, and have made possible the commission of an exciting video animation to go with the title track.

Aware that many musicians are continuing to struggle as a result of the pandemic, and that my situation is pretty fortunate, I also decided to donate £200 from the proceeds to Help Musicians, a charity which supports musicians who are in difficulty.

I’m starting to send out rewards to supporters imminently, so you’ll be able to hear it very soon!

The album will be officially released on Oti-O Records on June 25th. It is available through Bandcamp, and can be pre-ordered here:

Thanks once again to everyone who supported!

Andrew Woolf Band


I’m delighted to officially announce my new album!

‘SONG UNSUNG’ will be released on 25th June 2021 on Oti-O Records.

It’s my first release exclusively under my own name. It’s taken a while, but is a personal milestone that I’m really happy to have reached, and I’m excited to be putting it out there.

I’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign, to help cover the album’s costs and spread the word.

To find out more, and pre-order the album, head to: