Andrew Woolf Band

Song Unsung video

Released today is this new video single for the title track of my album, ‘Song Unsung‘.

It was created by by film, animation and motion design artist Henry Edmonds, aka Odourless Aunt, who I commissioned earlier this year. I had some initial ideas for a video to go with this track, which Henry took on and developed into this amazing visual piece.

Big screen and headphones/speakers recommended for the full immersive experience! (Much better than watching on a phone…)

Andrew Woolf Band


I’m delighted to officially announce my new album!

‘SONG UNSUNG’ will be released on 25th June 2021 on Oti-O Records.

It’s my first release exclusively under my own name. It’s taken a while, but is a personal milestone that I’m really happy to have reached, and I’m excited to be putting it out there.

I’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign, to help cover the album’s costs and spread the word.

To find out more, and pre-order the album, head to:

Andrew Woolf Band

AW band recording session

I’ve just completed the recording of my first album as band leader, featuring my own compositions spanning back over two decades. We spent two days at Fish Factory studio, with the fantastic sound engineer Ben Lamdin, and have recorded seven tracks which will form an album. Now to get stuck into post-production!

53071346_10156414442848983_2503734898687213568_o.jpg      53846802_10156414442688983_927197045939240960_n.jpg